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CNN, MSNBC ignore Trump’s major Israel-Bahrain peace deal during primetime

Earlier in the day, MSNBC spent less than two minutes covering the major Middle East agreement

By Joseph A. Wulfsohn | Fox News
Sept 12, 2020

The most-watched programs on CNN and MSNBC on Friday night completely ignored President Trump‘s foreign policy achievement of brokering a peace deal between Israel and Bahrain.

According to a formal statement issued by the U.S. and the two Middle East countries, they agreed to “the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

‚ÄúThis is a historic breakthrough to further peace in the Middle East. Opening direct dialogue and ties between these two dynamic societies and advanced economies will continue the positive transformation of the Middle East and increase stability, security, and prosperity in the region,” the statement said.

However, the major Middle East peace agreement received no mention during CNN and MSNBC’s primetime shows.

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